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— chloe west,

   rotherham advertiser

“I HAVE heard nothing but great things about Rotherham-based Yorkshire Performance  Preparation Academy and after the opening night of their latest production, I now know why!...One of the best shows I’ve seen at the Civic.”


Welcome to the website of the Yorkshire Performance Preparation Academy (YPPA).
YPPA is based in South Yorkshire for young people aged 10-25.
Our next smash-hit production is

Tuesday 21st May - Saturday 25th May 2024
Auditions to join the cast/Launch Night for our next smash-hit take place on
Thursday 5th October 2023
For details/to register please email:















YPPA is a fresh way of youth theatre, fusing the ideas of education & performance in a practical environment.  We understand that not every young person wants to perform as a career but whilst learning and creating, it explores core skills to take onto any career choice. We believe that once performing is in your blood, it will never leave and utilising the skills that YPPA develop, this will ensure you are reaching your full potential in a safe manner.

YPPA works to protect the characteristics outlined in the Equality Act 2010 and believes every production is a team effort where everyone has their right to shine. 


Please feel free to take a look around and see what were about. We are always developing the company based on the individuals we have. Enjoy our website and please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

Email our team today:


"Nothing short of an experience of a lifetime that I will never forget. It is a brilliant family atmosphere and it is nice to know someone truly believes in your capabilities."


— cara staniforth,

EX - member

We are the YPPA

YPPA is an independent, non profit youth theatre company based in Rotherham for 10 - 25 year olds.
We combine our shows with an education of theatre to open up opportunities for further self development. Our objective is to improve self confidence as well as teamwork and communication skills. Not only does this better employment opportunities but this develops essential life skills whilst promoting independence.

We aim for artistic excellence and are committed to nurturing the talent of every member. We pride ourselves in pushing our diverse artists boundaries in all aspects of performance. Our high standards of shows, education and performance continue to push the limits of achievement, inspiring the transformation of lives and communities.

The YPPA offers an education in practice that fits in with daily life.  The tailored mix of knowledge, leadership development and professional environment equips members with skills needed for modern day life.

You are the YPPA

Its true, since we opened our doors, our members and their families make us who we are. We run a non judgemental platform, for individuals to express theirselves on an artistic and emotional level. YPPA attracts a large spectrum of performers - diverse in age, ethnicity, background, sexuality and gender. The fusion between members passion and YPPA'S inclusive creative environment creates a progressive family surrounding.

 As we are a non profit organisation; alongside members monthly subscriptions we hold events to fundraise. Any monies from productions / events goes straight into our rising stars.

YPPA will challenge members in all three mediums to gain a strong technical basis to exceed expectations of their own future. Click  a button below to find out more!

"My daughter has been well supported by Danyl in the last 3 years and enjoyed her experience. She has gained confidence in her abilities and has been given opportunities to develop, perform and coach others, using her strengths. Danyl is an inspiring teacher who is easy to get along with and respected by members and parents"

- Susan Clapham,

Members Mother


WHat the critics say....



"The rollercoaster of emotions just helped the night flow perfectly - and those emotions could only be felt due to the standards of the performers"

- sam cooper, Rotherham advertiser


"...could of very easily have graced any West End Stage. The choreography was outstanding... a riveting spectacle"


-les smith, noda north east representative


"I cant really think of anything that didn't work...I reckon any West End show would be proud of it"


- Charlie graves, Rotherham advertiser


"From the lighting to the music, from the costumes to the choreography, this was surely one of the best pieces of amateur musical theatre I have seen for a while"

- becky Lancashire, chase magazine


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